Our website is just a sampling of products we have to offer. Please visit our showroom at 4206 N. Orange Blossom Trail for our complete lines.

Miscellanous Products that are not shown on our website

  • Ironing Board Cabinets
  • Fireplace Surrounds
  • Pocket Doors
  • Vanities

Lead Time/Availability:

  • Most doors (slab only) – same/next day
  • Prehung doors – 10-14 business days if not in stock
  • Wood doors – 4-8 weeks if not in stock
  • Windows – 3-4 weeks
  • Cabinets – 3-4 weeks depending on style

If you’re interested in Cabinets, please bring a layout of your kitchen. It will need to show dimensions for the following: walls, openings and appliances.

When measuring your windows, please measure from the outside of your house if you have block construction.


Steel – Has a 1 year warranty and is susceptible to dents and scratches which will rust if not properly taken care of. Also, our steel doors have a wood edge that will possibly rot if not properly sealed.

Wood – Has with a 1 year warranty and is susceptible to rot. All 6 sides need to be sealed – including top and bottom. They will typically need to be resealed every couple of years to prevent rotting.

Fiberglass – Has a 25 year warranty and has no exposed wood. They come in two textures – smooth (white) and wood grain (tan). Typically if you’re going to paint we suggest the smooth door. However, if you want a white finish you can leave them as they are. The wood grain doors are typically used if you want a stained finish.

Price range:

Steel – Least expensive

Wood – French or panel doors – more expensive than steel but less than fiberglass
Entry door with leaded glass – typically the most expensive

Fiberglass – French or Panel doors – typically most expensive
Entry type – cost usually between steel and wood doors


Steel and Fiberglass doors are typically ¼” narrow and ¾” shorter than Wood doors. If you want to change out just your wood doors, you’ll have to replace them with wood doors. Otherwise you’ll need to get a whole new frame (pre-hung unit) if you want to change from Wood to Steel or Fiberglass doors.


We offer a service to prep doors purchased from us. If you’re replacing just the door (interior or exterior), bring us your old door and we’ll prep the hinges and lock bores to match your existing unit. Also, if your door has been cut-down, we can make the necessary adjustments. When you go to re-install the door, the door should match the existing opening.

We do not do installation – we are a supplier only.

Locally owned and operated.